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Karaoke Speakers

Here is your best source for Karaoke Speakers.

You will find suppliers and top brands here for karaoke speakers at the best prices.

As you are considering speakers for karoake, keep this in mind: Not all speakers are designed to work with Karaoke.

That is why you need speakers specifically designed for karaoke.

There is actually a big difference between home speakers or speakers designed for music and karaoke speakers.

Karaoke speakers are specially made to handle and enhance live vocals. More traditional speakers designed for music can actually be harmed by the high frequencies that come from vocal singing that is a big part of Karaoke. Because traditional speakers are not made primarily for vocals, singing can actually sound distorted coming from them.

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As well, the right karaoke speakers are built with controls to handle feedback and features so the music does not overwhelm the singing. They have sub woofers for the low frequencies and tweeters for the high sounds that again are designed to work well with the unique sounds of vocals. A speaker made for karaoke will make a voice clear and sound great.

When looking to purchase a karaoke speaker there are some important things you should look for.
First you should look for good quality. Don’t necessarily buy the least expensive. That is usually a recipe for disappointment. It is however possible to buy good karaoke speakers in the mid range of prices.


Features that All Quality Karaoke Speakers Must Have

  • Features to control feedback
  • Sub woofer or woofer for the low frequencies that will bring out the bass tones of the voice
  • Tweeter that will not be blown out by the high frequencies of singing and will present a voice clear and sharp without distortion
  • A monitor speaker which allows the singer to hear their voice
  • Proper power output (measured in watts) so the speakers can handle what is being sent to it by the amplifier

Options to Consider for Karaoke Speakers:

Some speaker systems for karaoke come as combos with amplifiers, mixers, and microphones. A system like this can be very helpful and convenient for the non professional or for simplicity in portability.

An option that many people prefer is to mount the karaoke speakers on stands. This option will help to protect the speakers and add additional quality of uniqueness.

Another consideration when buying speakers for karaoke is to consider the environment where it will be used. If it is to be used in a small area like the home you can get away with a much smaller system. But if the speakers will be used in a club you want plenty of amplification and wattage power for a loud, crisp sound.

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Essential Components for a Karaoke System

Speakers are not the only important component for Karaoke. Here are the 5 pieces to a Karoake System:

Karaoke Mixer

This is a tool that allows for adjustments to the microphone so the voice output can be raised or lowered against the music. Some mixers also allow for adjustments to the levels of bass, mid and treble ranges as well as reverb, echo, delay and even for active changes.

Karaoke Amplifier

This converts the music and amplifies it so it can be heard over the speakers.

Karaoke Speakers

As we have learned, the right speakers are a major piece to the whole of a karaoke sound system.

Karaoke Video Monitor

This is the tool where a video of the song words are scrolled across a screen for the singer to see.

Karaoke Microphone

Microphones for karaoke come either wired or wireless. Wireless is generally best and easier because there are no wires to worry about or get in the way. The best type of a karaoke mic will have features to prevent feedback and are not affected by interference.


Karaoke Speakers
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